rock exotica akimbo Rope device


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Long awaited by many and now finally available in Europe. The akimbo by rock exotica is an... more
rock exotica akimbo Rope device

Long awaited by many and now finally available in Europe.
The akimbo by rock exotica is an absolutely innovative, versatile and unique rope device for the climbing arborist. It can be used on both stationary and moving rope systems and enables simple, efficient ascent, descent and positioning. The akimbo can be opened easily and quickly, giving you the opportunity to attach and remove it at any position on the rope.
Thanks to the fine adjustment options, the friction generated can be easily adapted to different ropes, the natural wear and preferences of the climber - and all this without tools or dismantling of components.
The akimbo by rock exotica is the long-awaited light and slim rope device approved in Europe, especially for SRT climbing.

The following ropes have been tested for use with the akimbo.

WLL: 100kg (220lb)
Courant Squir 11.5
Marlow Venom 11.8
Samson Voyager Cool 11.8
Teufelberger XStatic 11.7
Yale Poison Ivy / Blue Moon 11.7

WLL: 130kg (286lb)
All Gear Cherry Bomb II 11.8
Cousin Atrax 11.6
Cousin Lignum 12.5
Edelrid Direction Up 13
Notch Banshee 11.7
Sterling Scion 12.5
Sterling WorkPro 12.5
Sterling HTP 12.5
Teufelberger Fly 11.1
Teufelberger Drenaline 11.8
Teufelberger Tachyon 11.5
Yale Scandere 11.7

Rope diameter 11.5 mm - 13.0 mm
Working load limit 100 kg or 130 kg depending on the rope
Weight 262 g
Colour blue
Norm EN 365:2005 EN 12841 : 2006
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