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rock exotica akimbo Rope device
rock exotica
akimbo Rope device
Long awaited by many and now finally available in Europe. The akimbo by rock exotica is an absolutely innovative, versatile and unique rope device for the climbing arborist. It can be used on both stationary and moving rope systems and...

rock exotica

rock exotica

Rock Exotica Akimbo: Quality and Innovation in Rope Access and Climbing Equipment

Rock Exotica, renowned for manufacturing high-quality rope access and climbing equipment, specializes in meeting the needs of tree climbers, industrial climbers, and fall protection professionals. The company's journey began about 30 years ago in a small garage, with the ambition to produce the most innovative equipment in the market.

Since then, Rock Exotica has distinguished itself through its commitment to quality and innovation. A prime example of this is the Rock Exotica Akimbo, which has helped to position the brand in the industry. Rock Exotica focuses on quality over quantity, ensuring that each product meets the highest standards and fulfills the specific requirements of its users.

For those engaged in tree climbing, industrial climbing, or fall protection and looking for reliable, high-quality equipment, Rock Exotica offers an optimal solution with the Akimbo. Trust in Rock Exotica's expertise to enhance your safety and efficiency at work.