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Environmental responsibility is also a top priority for the French company. Attention is paid to the sustainable management of the resources that are necessary, which reduces the environmental impact as much as possible.

"By climbers, for climbers". That is the motto at FTC.

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FTC Matriosac V3 Throwline Bag
Matriosac V3 Throwline Bag
The new MATRIOSAC is much more durable and robust than the first one. The set is again composed of two round bags, that fit into each other and fold to a compact size. Two throwline-sets can be stored and there is a new pocket beneath...
FTC Stiffline 1.8 Throw Line
Stiffline 1.8 Throw Line
Ø 1.8 mm throwline made of Dyneema. This specific line combined with a throwbag permits reaching even the most difficult forks in trees. This line is rigid, resistant to wear and doesn't knot. Dyneema has the best gliding coefficient for...
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FTC Meteor 2 Throw Bag
Meteor 2 Throw Bag
The throwing weight Meteor 2 from FTC is almost indestructible and consists of a steel core in a robust dual-density polyurethane cover. The smooth aerodynamic teardrop shape makes it particularly fast, precise and wind-stable in flight....
FTC SLING-LINE 3 Throwbag Launcher Head
SLING-LINE 3 Throwbag Launcher Head
The Sling-Line 3 is a launcher that throws bags with power and precision. This version includes improvements made to the rubber tubes. Easy to replace, their lifespan increases even more when installed on sheaves. When throwing, the two...
FTC SLING-LINE 3 Spare Rubber
SLING-LINE 3 Spare Rubber
The Sling Line 3 is a throwbag launcher with rubber made of natural caoutchouc (Hevea brasiliensis). The head of the Slingshot can fit to the Hayauchi adjustable pole so that the launcher becomes in a few seconds a polesaw and vice...
FTC Rope Tube 13 Cambium Saver
Rope Tube 13 Cambium Saver
Mit diesem einfach zu handhabenden Röhrenkambiumschoner Rope Tube von FTC werden Abschürfungen an Borke und dem Kambium sicher verhindert. Der sehr flexible Schlauch aus Stahl mit PVC Beschichtung passt sich Ästen mit mindestens 12 cm...
FTC Orvet 130 cm Sling
Orvet 130 cm Sling
The Orvet is a versatile sling for easy rigging. It is made of soft polyester hollow braid and works particularly well, for example, to tie several small branches together and let them down. There is a large splice on one side and a...
FTC Rollotube
This small tool prevents the chainsaw from getting stuck while cutting horizontally.
FTC Rollotube Replacement Pole
Rollotube Replacement Pole
Light fibre glass replacement tube avoids blocking the chainsaw during tree dismantling operations.
FTC Micro Cylindre 2.0 Lowering Device
Micro Cylindre 2.0 Lowering Device
The FTC Micro Cylindre 2.0 is a lowering device that is used for tree care and smaller felling to hold and rappel down loads. It is made entirely of aluminum, the bollard does not heat up and therefore does not burn the rope. A round...
FTC MOOREX Splicing Fid
MOOREX Splicing Fid
Perfect for splicing hollow braid rope when installing a tree cabling system. The FTC Splicing Fid facilitates splicing and that saves time.The kit consists of a 30 cm long splicing needle and three different screw-on adapters. The...