SIP Protection Ninja Trousers


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The Ninja chainsaw protection trousers from SIP Protection offer an ideal combination of comfort... more

SIP Protection Ninja Trousers

The Ninja chainsaw protection trousers from SIP Protection offer an ideal combination of comfort and safety, specifically designed for demanding chainsaw work. This Ninja model is certified to EN ISO 11393-2 and provides reliable protection with its six-layer protective insert, making it perfect for use in forestry.

The Ninja trousers are characterized by their lightweight, tear-resistant material, which, along with robust, coated, and waterproof Cordura reinforcements at critical areas such as over the knee and the lower back, offers additional protection. These reinforcements not only increase durability but also provide protection from moisture and abrasion. Integrated ventilation zippers in the thigh area enhance air circulation, thus increasing comfort during long working hours.

For optimal fit and flexibility, the waist of the Ninja trousers is adjustable, complemented by elastic gaiters at the leg closure, which are equipped with a metal hook to attach to the shoelaces. The innovative design includes several practical pocket solutions, including two side insert pockets, a thigh pocket, and a back pocket, all securely closable with zippers. Additional storage options include a patched ruler pocket and a special holder for the chainsaw key, which highlight the functionality.

The Ninja protection trousers are not only functional but also thoughtfully designed with reflective parts for better visibility. The comfortable cut enhances freedom of movement, making the Ninja trousers an indispensable companion for all who have high standards for their workwear. Weighing approximately 1450 g (size L), they offer an optimal balance between protection and mobility, ideal for professional users in modern forestry. Their robust construction and thoughtful details make them a top choice for safety and comfort at work.

Cut protection Class 1 Type A 20 m/s
Weight 1450 g
Norm EN ISO 11393-2:2019 / 13688:2013
Color black / orange
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