Protos Integral Forest Helmet


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The Protos Integral Forest is definitely one of the best helmets on the market and is perfect... more

Protos Integral Forest Helmet

The Protos Integral Forest is definitely one of the best helmets on the market and is perfect for all types of forest work and tree care. It offers a variety of unique detail solutions that make the helmet safer, more comfortable and easier to use.
Compared to other helmets, the back of the head is optimally protected with the Protos and the special construction of the inner shell effectively dampens impacts and distributes the energy over a large area. The helmet not only optimally protects against vertical but also against horizontal impacts.
Thanks to the patented size adjustment and ingenius inner shell, the Protos fits securely and comfortably on the head even without a chin strap and only needs to be adjusted once. After that, a simple and quick activation or deactivation of the neck shell is sufficient.
Another highlight of the Protos is the construction of the integrated ear protection. If you don't need it, it is simply folded back into the helmet. On the one hand, it is optimally protected and stowed away and on the other hand, there are no protruding attachments on the helmet that could get caught on branches.
Maximum all-round view and adjustable ventilation are further details that distinguish the Protos.
Here in the Forest version with integrated visor and ear protection. If you want to use the Protos as a climbing helmet, there is also an Arborist version with an additional chin strap.

Weight 1500 g
Certifications EN 1731, EN 352-3, EN 397
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