Inspection Call: - Courant Kalimba

On January 18, 2024, the manufacturer COURANT released an inspection notice regarding the seams at the splices of their Kalimba, Kanopa and Komora ropes. We would like to give you some information about our certified manual splices and seams.

Unlike Courant's machine stitching on their ropes, our stitching at DRAYER is handmade. They are barely visible (see image 2), you may see a piece of the red Dyneema thread used on one side of your connection.

With our splicing method, this seam is not a safety element. All of our certification and normative tests are performed on joints that do not have hand stitches.



This is the official warning from the manufacturer Courant.

Attention customers, 

we need you to perform an important safety check. Please inspect the splices on your Courant ropes, specifically looking for the lock-stitch at the splice point. ✅

If the lock-stitch is visible, your rope is ready to use. ❌ If it's missing, please stop using the rope and contact us immediately at Dealer's Contact Information.

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