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The French company TAZ always aims to find innovative solutions for working at heights, such as for arborists.

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TAZ LOV2 Multifunctional Descender
LOV2 Multifunctional Descender
LOV2 is the first wordwide device, fall arrest and descender for diagonal, tight or regular ropes. This worldwide innovation responds to the norms EN 12 841 type A/C et EN 358 (with LOV.ROPE).Replace 3 devices for RAT:1. Fall arrest...
TAZ LOV3 Multifunctional Descender
LOV3 Multifunctional Descender
The LOV3 is the further development of the popular LOV2 from the innovative French product manufacturer TAZ. In contrast to the LOV2, the LOV3 can be attached to or removed from the rope while the carabiner is attached. So there is no...