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PRESSOL Graphite Powder Fine
Graphite Powder Fine
Graphite powder is completely grease-free, odorless and micro-finely ground natural graphite. It perfectly smears all dry metal to metal connections like on lobster clasps.Also useful on vehicles or household.The powder also eliminates...



Pressol: Your Global Partner for Lubrication and Workshop Technology Since 1914

As a leading manufacturer in lubrication and workshop technology, Pressol is your reliable global partner. Since its establishment in 1914, Pressol has continuously developed and optimized its extensive product range to meet the evolving demands and high standards of the industry.

Pressol's expertise in lubrication and workshop technology is reflected in the quality and diversity of its products. If you're a professional looking for high-quality and innovative solutions in this field, Pressol offers a wide selection of products designed for efficiency, durability, and user-friendliness.

Trust Pressol as your global partner for lubrication and workshop technology, bringing over a century of experience and expertise to the development of its products.