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GRCS Good Rigging Control System Winch
Good Rigging Control System Winch
The Good Rigging Control System is the ultimate tool for lowering heavy loads in a safe and controlled fashion. Developed by Greg Good, the GRCS has two settings, providing a 46,5:1 and a 11,7:1 mechanical advantage, and two specialized...
GRCS GRCS Winch Bohrmaschinenadapter
Winch Bohrmaschinenadapter
Der Kurbel Adapter ermöglicht einen mechanischen Antrieb der Spilltrommel mittles Bohrmaschine oder Akku-Schrauber.
GRCS GRCS Winch Speedgrip Winchkurbel
Winch Speedgrip Winchkurbel
Die kugelgelagerte Ersatzkurbel eignet sich für die Harken Winde.