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Eckla Beach-Rolly Transport Cart
Beach-Rolly Transport Cart
Practical transportation aid for every job or for holiday, your Beach-Rolly also turns into a comfortable chair during your breaks. Light and resistant, it can be folded for space-saving storage.Materials: aluminium, polyester Dimensions...
Eckla Beach-Rolly Sun Roof
Beach-Rolly Sun Roof
Added to your Beach-Rolly, it protects you from sun and wind. Foldable.Dimensions: 41 x 45 x 4 cmWeight: 775 gAvailable in two different colours: blue or olive.Mounting kit and instructions included.
Eckla Beach-Rolly Headrest
Beach-Rolly Headrest
Headrest add-on for Beach-Rolly. Available in two different colours: blue or olive.
Eckla Beach-Rolly Handle
Beach-Rolly Handle
Zur Erweiterung der Ladefläche, einfach ausklappbar, damit kann mehr transportiert werden und großes Ladegut kippt nicht nach vorne ab. Lieferung inkl. Montageanleitung und Befestigungsmaterial. Technische Daten / Eigenschaften: -...
Eckla Beach-Rolly Bottle Holder
Beach-Rolly Bottle Holder
Praktisches Zubehörteil, wird einfach mit Klettverschlussbändern am Beach-Rolly Rahmen befestigt. Die Wandungen des Flaschenhalters sind mit isolierendem Material wattiert, dadurch wird Gekühltes nicht Warm und Heißgetränke nicht so...
Eckla Beach-Rolly Gear Net
Beach-Rolly Gear Net
Praktisches Zubehörteil zur Ladungssicherung, schwarz, elastisch, Lieferung inkl. 10 Haken. Technische Daten / Eigenschaften: - Material: Polyester - Abmessung ca.: 80 x 50 cm - Gewicht: ca. 475 g



Eckla Beach Rolleys: Quality and Diverse Transport Carts for Tree Care

Over 30 years ago, Klaus Eckstein laid the foundation for the Eckla company, which has since developed into a renowned manufacturer. Today, Eckla's product range offers a wide selection that meets both professional requirements and the needs of leisure athletes.

A special highlight in Eckla's range is the Beach Rolley transport cart. This practical and robust means of transport is ideal for outdoor use during tree care work. It allows for effortless transportation of equipment and personal belongings.

The entire Eckla product range, including the Beach Rolleys transport carts, is manufactured in the company's own production facility in Germany. This not only guarantees continuous quality control, but also adherence to high standards in materials and workmanship.

For those in search of reliable and high-quality transport solutions, Eckla's Beach Rolleys offer an optimal combination of functionality, durability, and user-friendliness.