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Darbyshire sawpod Pruning Saw Leg Holder
sawpod Pruning Saw Leg Holder
This saw holder allows the handsaw to be carried on the lower leg.



Sawpod Ltd: Expertise in Tree Care, Founded by Arborists for Arborists

Sawpod Ltd, established in 2005 by Tony and Di Darbyshire, is a company deeply rooted in the world of tree care. Tony Darbyshire began his impressive career in 1987 with training as an arborist at the world-renowned Merrist Wood in Surrey. With this solid foundation and extensive experience, Tony and Di Darbyshire founded Sawpod Ltd as an independent training company.

The company operates under the motto: "Developed by arborists, for arborists." This philosophy is reflected in every aspect of their work. Sawpod Ltd understands the unique challenges and needs associated with tree care and, therefore, offers tailored solutions and training specifically designed for the requirements of professional arborists.

For tree care professionals seeking in-depth training and specialized knowledge, Sawpod Ltd offers unparalleled expertise. With a deep understanding of the industry and a passion for promoting safety and efficiency in tree care, Sawpod Ltd stands at the forefront of education and development in this vital and demanding field.