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Arbpro Neo Climbing Shoe
Neo Climbing Shoe
The Arbpro Neo is a light, strong and durable tree climbing shoe that has been developed over many years. In particular, the new Limbwalker sole has been specially optimized for tree climbing. Due to the special sole profile with...



Arbpro: Specialist in Tree Climbing Equipment and Climbing Shoes for Tree Care

Arbpro, a young, small, and dynamic company from Italy, has made a name for itself through its extensive experience with tree climbing equipment and continuous collaboration with professional arborists. This expertise enables Arbpro to develop and manufacture specific and functional equipment for tree care and forestry operations. With a small yet comprehensive range of high-quality products, Arbpro covers key areas of tree care, rigging, and arboriculture.

Particularly noteworthy are Arbpro's climbing shoes, which have quickly established themselves in the market. These shoes are highly popular among arborists due to their excellent detailed solutions and high quality. Arbpro excels in incorporating the specific requirements and challenges of tree care into their products, reflected in the functionality and durability of their tree climbing equipment.

The climbing shoes from Arbpro are a prime example of the combination of practical orientation and innovative design. They offer not only optimal grip and safety while climbing but also comfort and longevity – essential qualities for professionals in tree care. Through close collaboration with experts in the field, Arbpro continuously optimizes its products and adapts to the evolving needs of arboriculture.

Therefore, Arbpro stands as a brand that exemplifies quality, innovation, and practical relevance in the world of tree care and arboriculture. For professionals seeking reliable and specialized tree climbing equipment, Arbpro offers a top-notch selection, especially in climbing shoes, leaving no desires unfulfilled.