Oscorna Soil Activator 25 kg


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The Oscorna Soil Activator was developed over 30 years ago to bring depleted, sluggish soils... more

Oscorna Soil Activator 25 kg

The Oscorna Soil Activator was developed over 30 years ago to bring depleted, sluggish soils back to life. It is rich in organic substances and naturally acting minerals and ensures lasting soil fertility. It improves soil structure, water, air and heat balance and supplies soil organisms with important trace elements. It stabilizes the pH value in the soil with the help of algae lime at an optimal level over the long term.
Even when replanting trees and bushes, an optimally loose soil must be ensured so that the roots of the plants can develop well. You can do this by mixing the soil in the planting pit with Oscorna Soil Activator. The Oscorna Soil Activator is approved and proven in controlled organic agriculture and horticulture.

Oscorna Soil Activator contains 3.0% total nitrogen
The plant uses nitrogen as a growth nutrient. The Oscorna soil activator is an organic fertilizer. The nitrogen contained in the organic substances (e.g. grape seeds, coconut, cocoa shells, hoof meal, blood meal, ...) is slowly converted into nitrate in the soil by microorganisms. Depending on the weather and other environmental influences, these take effect after 4-6 months, but up to a year.

Oscorna soil activator contains 2.0% phosphorus
Phosphorus promotes crumb formation, which improves the air and water balance in the soil. This also reduces the risk of erosion (removal of soil by wind and water) and the risk of silting up (displacement of soil particles on the soil surface by raindrops or generally by (also flowing) water movement). Phosphorus stabilizes the soil and provides plants with an increase in energy. The phosphorus component creates bridges between the humus particles.

Oscorna soil activator contains 0.5% potassium
By strengthening the cell tissue, potassium makes the plant more resistant to weather influences. This is especially important in early spring and autumn to protect against the cold season. Potassium improves water absorption. It is also important for the development of new leaves and fruits.

Package size 25 kg bag
Application rate 100 - 200 g / m²
Application period January to December
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