Portable Winch PCW3000-Li Capstan


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The latest winch from Portable Winch is the first and so far only battery-powered, transportable... more

Portable Winch PCW3000-Li Capstan

The latest winch from Portable Winch is the first and so far only battery-powered, transportable capstan winch in the world. From this combination, there are a lot of advantages in use.The PCW3000_Li is very light and easily portable with 9.5 kg and still has a high pulling force of maximum 1000 kg for a short time and 700 kg continuously. It is zero maintenance and can be easily stored for a long time and is always ready to use with a charged battery. This makes it ideal for those who only use a winch seasonally or temporarily, or even want to do short or unforeseen jobs. Due to the electric motor, the winch has a very low noise level and is completely free of exhaust, smell or smoke. This makes the use very pleasant and easily possible indoors. The reusable modern lithium-ion battery pack provides a constant power from the beginning to the end. The battery pack is also used in many other devices of different brands and thus offers great flexibility. Compatible batteries are all 80/82 Volt Greenworks, Powerworks, CRAMER, STIGA and Briggs&Stratton batteries.Of course, all the other advantages of portable capstan winch also apply to the PCW3000-Li, such as the fast anchorage, easy handling, unlimited rope length, high working comfort due to polyester rope and all very light, compact and easy to transport. The ideal winch for many applications: forestry, hunting, off-road (quad, snowmobile), rescue, boat owners and many more.Properties:- Delivery: winch and anchoring sling (without battery and charger)- Weight: 9.5 kg- Dimensions: 30.2 cm wide x 31.8 cm long x 31 cm high- Pulling force: Max. 1000 kg, continuously 700 kg- 3 speeds: 8.1 m/min, 10 m/min, 11.6 m/min- Capstan drum: 76 mm diameter- Rope diameter: 10 mm - 16 mm- Transmission ratio: 200: 1- Electric motor: 1.0 kW, 82 V max. with overload protection- Battery life: 82V - 3 AH to 60 min / 82V - 6 AH to 120 min
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