ToolProtect P1 Pro Chain Saw Holder


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The original from Austria. The flexible, unbreakable and absolutely secure holder for your high... more

ToolProtect P1 Pro Chain Saw Holder

The original from Austria. The flexible, unbreakable and absolutely secure holder for your high quality chainsaw. Maximum protection for man, machine and for chain and sword. The ingenious and almost indestructible transport protection for chainsaws made of flexible material offers perfect protection with a simple handling. The optimally designed construction requires only a very small installation space and with the optionally available adapter plates there are multiple attachment options on the vehicle or tractor, on winches or work baskets. The ToolProtect holder finds useful application in many areas, whether in the tree care, in the forestry or agriculture, in the communal service or the industry and of course also in the fire brigade, mountain rescue and other aid organizations. Everywhere this unique tool holds and protects your valuable chainsaw. The ToolProtect, manufactured in Austria, comes complete with a chainsaw safety belt and a base mounting kit with a drilling template. The ToolProtect P1 is specially designed for small, top handle and battery chainsaws and gives even smaller chainsaws optimal grip.Properties:Material: flexible, unbreakable plasticStrap with lashing buckle to secure the chainsawSword length protected: up to 36 cm (longer swords stick out of the holder)Mounting space requirement: 12 x 12 cm (without adapter plates)Weight: 1.8 kg
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