Regional French Championship North-East 2019

25th - 26th May 2019 in the "Abbey de Maizières" in 71350 Saint Loup Géanges near Beaune, France. It was the last regional championship this year and the weather was much better than it was announced, which of course made all participants very happy. The competition took place in the parkway of the abbey and the master on Sunday in a beautiful plane tree, in the middle of a meadow. As with all other regional French championships, the atmosphere was excellent. Our boss Friedrich was also there this time and used directly the opportunity to donate a barrel of beer for all the people. The reason was of course our 25th anniversary! It was followed by a very nice and happy Saturday evening with music and free beer.

A big thanks to all participants, audience and also to the owners of the abbey, who have received us very friendly.

Your DRAYER Team

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