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AKE ECC Silence Communication System
ECC Silence Communication System
The AKE Easy Connect Communication System is a Bluetooth hands free communication system that is integrated into the ear protection of protective helmets. The ECC Silence is certainly one of the most innovative and highest quality...
AKE ECC Mesh Visor
ECC Mesh Visor
The compatible mesh visor for combination with the AKE ECC Silence Communication System.



AKE Hands-Free System: Revolutionizing Mobile Communication in Tree care

AKE Elektronik, synonymous with the highest quality "Made in Germany", has established itself as a pioneer over the past 30 years in developing solutions for mobile communication. Their products are indispensable in scenarios where secure communication is required under challenging conditions such as noise, wind, and distance, without compromising the user's agility. This has made AKE Elektronik an essential partner in industries where clear communication is vital.

Particularly in arboriculture, where working conditions are often demanding, the AKE hands-free system has emerged as a revolutionary solution. Mobile communication in arboriculture demands devices that are not only robust and reliable but also allow hands-free operation to ensure safety and efficiency at work. The AKE hands-free system meets these requirements perfectly. It enables arborists to communicate clearly and distinctly despite noise, wind, and other environmental factors.

Another critical feature for safety in arboriculture is the mesh visor. Combined with the AKE hands-free system, it offers comprehensive protection while enabling clear communication. This is especially important as arboriculture often involves working at heights, where clear and unambiguous communication between team members is crucial.